From World Junior Champ to Senior World Champ?

A pretty interesting stat for you…. There are not many players who managed the perfect transition between junior and senior competition.

Out of the nine players that managed that “tour de force”, we find four Egyptians, and funnily enough they are also the most recent ones: Ramy Ashour, Mohamed El Shorbagy, Raneem El Welily, Nour El Sherbini.

If Jansher Khan was the quickest to jump the gap from junior to senior champion (18 months only!), Ramy Ashour is right behind him, 50 months, followed by Nicol David (77 months), only three months quicker than Nour El Sherbini (80 months), while Raneem El Welily had to wait over 12 years (149 months) to complete the double!

Thanks to SquashInfo and Howard Harding for these figures!

Player Country Junior Champ Senior Champ Gap
Jansher Khan Pak Apr 1986 Oct 1987 18 months
Ramy Ashour Egy Aug 2004 Oct 2008 50 months
Mohamed ElShorbagy Egy Aug 2008 Dec 2017 112 months
Sarah Fitz-Gerald Aus Aug 1987 Oct 1996 110 months
Cassie Jackman Eng Aug 1991 Oct 1999 98 months
Rachael Grinham Aus Jul 1993 Oct 2007 171 months
Nicol David Mas Jul 1999 Dec 2005 77 months
Raneem El Welily Egy Jul 2005 Dec 2017 149 months
Nour El Sherbini Egy Aug 2009 Apr 2016 80 months